Monday, September 30, 2013


Once a month we visit a Seniors Lodge to share stories
and songs with our grand-friends.
     sept 30 007
Our visits offer us an opportunity to enjoy each others
company and share our learning.

    sept 30 020
Today we started a project “Planting a Promise”.
sept 30 009 A daffodil bulb has the
           promise of a flower deep inside.
 sept 30 015 sept 30 019
When we plant it, the promise is there that it will
         grow in the spring.
sept 30 024 sept 30 026 sept 30 027
We drew pictures of what we think the flowers will
look like and gave them to our grand friends.
         sept 30 028

Then it was time to sing and dance,
  sept 30 036 sept 30 037
           share a story,
sept 30 039 sept 30 042
            and play a game.
sept 30 044 sept 30 048
Visiting with the seniors helps us understand each other. 
How we are the same and how we are different? 
Our visits help us build compassion.