Monday, August 20, 2018

Cloud Dough

I was excited when I was given a batch of cloud dough.
It's made from coconut oil and flour.
This batch also had raspberry extract added.
The little one got right into it.
Trying to transfer it from one container to another.
Then she discovered how it felt and that she could clump it together.
Which made it easier, somewhat, to transfer.
It depended on how hard she squeezed it while transferring.
Oh and then the pouring and dumping started.
Did you noticed that I tied up her dress?
The cloud dough tends to stick to everything.
If it gets on the floor we have a solution,
get out the little broom and dust pan and let her try cleaning it up.
I decided that using cloud dough, in the kitchen, while mom was getting dinner ready wasn't the best time.