Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Art Area Makeover

Last June I was introduced to a new resource book.
Cathy Weisman Topal and Lella Gandini’s book is about encouraging creativity through discovery, collecting, sorting and experimenting with recyclable stuff.  Our families participated by collecting items from nature, around their home and their recycling bins.  They brought in empty clear plastic salad containers for the display bins.
             beautiful stuff bag tag
This past September I attached the above note to lunch size paper bags to encourage more families to contribute to our art shelves.
           sept 19 030
Next I rearranged the shelves and added a second table to the art area. 
sept 19 031 sept 19 032
              sept 19 033
The main table is for exploration, using any materials off the three shelves.  I discovered that it took a lot of encouraging from me before the families started accessing the shelves. 
sept 5 048 sept 5 057
The main table has containers that house scissors, glue sticks, markers, hole punches, and pencil crayons.
      sept 5 066 sept 23 033
This table is busy everyday.  Now that materials are easily accessible the children are constantly exploring, manipulating and creating.  Especially the scissors, snipping and cutting is a favourite.
             sept 24 016 sept 26 019
This new table is inspiring the children and adults to use materials with no set outcome.  Seeing objects in new ways, for new purposes.
            oct 18 016 sept 10 039
Sorting, attaching (tape and glue guns are available on one of the shelves) and readjusting.
                     sept 26 027
                 sept 10 047
The families are past their shyness with using the materials off all the shelves and daily I’m impressed with the art and structures that are being created.
  sept 19 029  oct 1, 2013 004
There is a second table in the art area that I set up with a daily art or craft activity.  Interestingly it is not as busy.  I'm considering removing it.