Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Adventures of Pete the Cat

I really enjoy (so do the families), a book called Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin.
I appreciate Pete's philosophy
"no matter what you step in it's all good, just keep walking along singing your song ".

This year I decided that we would do a year long Family Project instead of different monthly projects.
The Adventures of Pete the Cat was born.
Very much like the idea of Flat Stanley, Pete will go home with any family that wants him to have an adventure.
 It doesn't have to be a grand adventure.
It could be baking cookies at home, going to the grocery store, maybe visiting mom at work or whatever a family can think of.
The family borrows Pete and documents the adventure by photos or drawings.
Write a little story then bring it back to school to share.
Each story will be added to our binder.
I started it off by taking Pete for a walk with my dog.
The story tells of the things we did and saw at the park.
It was a lot of fun.
 I put my story together and shared it with the families.
Today, Pete left school with a family and I think I heard that he was going to help make applesauce after they stopped at the library.
I'll keep you posted.