Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back into the Swing of Things

School starts next week and we had 3 days to set up this week.  You would think three days is a lot of time but there are so many components to setting up a classroom that I worked to the max each day.

Here’s peek into my space.
As you enter the room our sign in area (for the grown ups) is to the left.  After I take pictures of the children their area will be to the right.  Straight ahead is the snack area.
Also to the right is a table I use to set up provocations.  As it is the beginning of the year I’ve set out some books and props to start a discussion on families.  We will learn about each other and what some common interests may be.

Past the snack table I set up a table for exploring drawing and cutting.  Last year I noticed many children that were more interested in these activities then doing art or crafts.  Now it will be available all the time.

      Into the art area which is surrounded by shelves and the painting easel.
                             Three shelves are open for everyone to use.
The last one holds materials that may be more expensive, rare or for my use.

Moving around the room you will find a science table with seed pods to explore and a toddler table holding see through blocks of colour.

More to the centre of the room is a small fine motor table and a sensory table.  Both holding beads but different sizes and material for stringing.

Beside the toddler table is our homemade peg doll tree house with a shelf holding loose parts to play and create stories.  As well as another table that I place materials inviting the families to investigate.

In the very centre of the room are small climbing foam blocks.  I covered them with a thick blanket mainly because I didn’t like the look of the coloured vinyl look.

In the far corner is the block area that houses wooden and plastic blocks, lots of loose parts, cars, trucks, animals and houses.  I was given two of the big tubes.  We’ll see how the children interact with this one in this area, it may not be a big enough space.  The other tube is longer and I’ve put it in the gym.

                Next is the sand table and a new table for play scenarios.

The last corner is the house/dramatic play area.  There are two tables because I will have play dough available on one or they can bring down the puzzles from the shelf.

I’ve tucked the light table into a little space of the house area.  I’m hoping to cover it somehow to make it more useable as a light table.  My room is very bright which doesn’t help the table be very ‘light’.  Any suggestions??

Finally, we end with the carpet area.  It is used for our story times but I also set up play invitations for infants and toddlers.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.  Since I work alone I would appreciate any feedback.