Friday, February 18, 2011

Baggage Ramp Converted

The Mom and little boy that created our airport's baggage ramp were back to play today and Poppa was with them.  I'm not sure who started this play, I only saw the little one carrying a dryer hose over his shoulder walking from one of our rooms to the other collecting what he needed.  He was looking for balls and he knew that there was a toy boat that had balls in our main room.  We convinced him to leave those balls for the boat (a toddler was playing with them) and use some others.  He gathered them up and headed back to the second room.

By the time I got there with my camera he was busy with his Momma and Poppa converting the baggage ramp into a ball ramp.
But the balls kept getting stuck in the dryer hose.  There wasn't enough of a slant. And the dryer hose wouldn't connect with the eavestrough and the balls wouldn't go all the way through.
So blocks were used to build up the slant and poppa cut a cardboard tube in half to fix the connection problem.  They were ready to try it again.
Another problem arose when sending the balls down the ramp too fast.  They became stuck again.

 I was impressed with the parent's patience with letting the little guy use his own methods to discover where the balls were stuck and how to get them out.  He didn't say a word just set to work.
After a couple of more adjustments, finally success.
Their ramp play inspired others to give it a try.

The excitement of learning.