Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smooshing an Ocean Scene

We’ve been creating a lot of different art related to the ocean
                             this week. 
            It’s time to create a bulletin board.
      june 12 070
Today we painted a group mural for the bulletin board background.
june 13 009 june 13 010 june 13 011
     The table was covered with one big piece of paper. 
The children were encouraged to spoon paint on to the paper.
 june 13 012 june 13 013 june 13 014
We then covered the paint with plastic wrap and smooshed it together. 
The child in these pictures is quite familiar with painting with her fingers
(her mom let’s her fully enjoy the art area) but when we placed the plastic
wrap on top of the paint she was clearly unsure what to do.  She carefully
poked and pinched at the wrap exploring the new experience.
june 13 002 june 13 003
            june 13 004
Others enjoyed the sensation of the smooth cool plastic on the paint. 
Picked it up, checked out the new colours mixing and then placed
it on a new spot to smoosh some more.
    june 13 038
It looks like whitecaps of waves crashing on a windy day.