Monday, December 23, 2013

Pegkin Final Week

Our Pegkin Project has offered a wonderful opportunity to get to know some of the children and families better.  Throughout December families have volunteered to take a plain peg doll home and turn it into whatever they wished.  When they brought it back to school, they shared it at circle time.  If they hadn’t created a story for their Pegkin then I asked them several prompting questions to get them started.

Here are the remaining Pegkins that arrived this past week.
              15 (2)
Pegkin #15 Fionna - she is the Queen of Winter. She makes icicles on the trees and
                 helps the rivers freeze over.

Pegkin #16 Fluttercone - she guards the trees in winter and sprinkles sparkles of
magic across the pinecones. So this winter when you see the trees shine white,
          covered with snow, think of Fluttercone.

Pegkin # 17 was lost so we had a last minute replacement that the children
 quickly named Strawberry. A sweet little feltkin that is from the garden.

Pegkin #18 Mr. Smee - he is a rescue pirate and he rescues presents and gives
them to people who doesn't have as much.  He likes to play in forts and his
                  sword is called Corkscrew.

Pegkin #19 Holly Jolly - she likes playing around and eating noodles. She has a
          big heart and likes to sing Christmas songs.

       dec 20 010
Pegkin #20 Princess Phoenix Bird - she lives up a tall cedar tree in a big tower
that she flies down from. Princess Phoenix Bird is four hundred years old. Soon
she will crack open the baby Phoenix bird eggs. They will already be able to fly
and have magic. They help people start their camp fires because they have fire
                   magic on their wings.

         dec 20 007
Pegkin #21 Ocean Fairy – the family collected seaweed from the beach and
dried it to make his clothes and hair.  They found a poem on line that suited
                          their pegkin.

Ocean fairy of the blue-green seas,
sits upon the beach watching the falling leaves
she is prettier than the light of day
to all she gives her sweetest ways

She fills life full of her sweetness
and the breezes her pretty cheeks caress
the fishes and birds of the sea
always trust her and me

Because we're gentle friends and love Nature's colours so bold
We will feed the birds and all the animals outside in the cold,
And she will let the wings of her imagination carry;
And she will always be my Ocean Fairy.

Pegkin #22 Princess Jane – The child told her mom the story of Princess Jane and
her mom wrote it down in a book.

      Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. Her name
      was Princess Jane.She loves to help clean up her bedroom
      and her playroom. She loves her familyso much.
      Princess Jane likes to eat corn, celery, cucumber and rice
      pudding. And roast beef, sausage and onions.  She likes to
     play with her friends Lisa, Miss Hiss and Tapoe and Gerina.
    They are all princesses as well. Jack the King is also her
    friend.  When they all get together they like to have parties.
    They have ten birthday cakes, lemon, lime, strawberry,
    blueberry and raspberry. They play ring-a-round the
    salsa.  They live in a valley with big fields of grass to play
    in. There are no flowers, plants or trees to get in the way
    of their playing.
                                    The End

           dec 20 022
Pegkin #23 Goggle the Scarecrow - she likes to draw and to climb trees. She
        is scared to go in rooms without her parents.

Pegkin #24 King of the Moon and the Stars - he lives on the moon and likes to
play with the stars. His favourite is a shooting star.  His house is round and
                    made of moon rocks.

Pegkin #25 Dr. LaLa - she works with little children in Pegkin Land.  Dr. LaLa
has two children, a boy and a girl, Derek and Lauren. Their favourite thing to do
is jump on Graham and Nat's trampoline.  They can't fall asleep at Christmas
because they are so excited. They hope they'll get all the presents that they want.

    dec 20 025
                      A warm welcome to our new peg dolls.
          A big thank you to the creators for making new toys.
And especially to their grown ups who encouraged each child’s creativity
    and individuality as well as promoting their child's storytelling skills.

     We are off for our winter break and will be back in two weeks.
              Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday.