Thursday, March 21, 2013

Comparing Airports

Each year we visit our airport and each year we create our own
airport at school.
 march 20 003  march 4 008
 This is the check in counter where we show our tickets and
march 21 072  march 20 030
have our luggage weighed and tagged.  When it is ready it disappears
on a conveyor belt into the Baggage Security area.  We can't take picutres
in there but the suitcases go through a big xray machine then out to
the cargo area.
march 5 010  march 7 005
At school we sell tickets and get the baggage ready to put on the plane.
We don't have a conveyor belt but we started thinking of what we could
use to make one.  One child suggested rubber bands and tubes.

march 21 078 march 21 079 march 21 081
We learned the signals that the marshal uses to park the plane.
Outside we saw a yellow “T” on the ground where the plane needs to stop.
march 5 008 march 5 009
Back at school we practiced the signals for turning and stopping a plane.

march 7 019 march 21 044
We added a runway with lights then after visiting the airport we added the “T”.
march 11 077 march 12 002
Ready to fly?
Some of our destinations were to Hawaii, Mexico, Toronto,
Vancouver and the most popular Disneyland.

march 20 015 march 20 022
At the airport we were able to watch a plane land, taxi in, marshal to a stop,
unload and reload.  It’s ready to head to Vancouver.
march 20 043 march 20 050 march 20 054
We saw where the pets are kept while waiting for their plane.
And what happens to the luggage after they are unloaded from the plane.

march 7 044 march 21 033
Back at school the flight attendants were busy taking snack orders
and providing reading materials for the long trips.

march 20 060
Thank you to Alex and Lesley for taking the time to show us
around the airport.  And letting us pretend to be planes on the
march 21 085 march 21 087