Thursday, January 3, 2013


Are you ready to head back to school on Monday?  I’m getting there.

It has been wonderful having this many days off after Christmas.
It is really relaxing and has given me time to re-energize and think about
this coming school year.

Last year I found hockey sticks the right size for the children
to use in the gym.  They are one of the favourite activities which the whole
family becomes involved.

With that in mind, here is one activity that families will find on Monday.
    jan 1 003
                 Table Hockey

Colleen, another facilitator here in the Valley, in the past has made a hockey
table at her centre.  She covered the table with foil and put blocks around the
edge to keep the puck on the table.

It brought back memories of the table top hockey game we had as children.
jan 1 005 (2)
I always admired that creative idea and have been on the search for materials
ever since. 

This year at our Scholastic book sale it all seemed to fall into place.
First I saw the book “My First Hockey Book”  and then the little hockey figurines,
which are really erasers.
jan 1 004
The hockey 'pencil' sticks were found at a teacher supply store
but I couldn’t get them in the same colour as the figurines,
so a little bit of blue tape took care of that.

The table I used already has a lip around it so I just had to add the tape
to make lines on the 'ice'
and make nets from recycled plastic veggie container.

Can’t wait to see who is more interested in playing – the children or their parents.

I'll be back into school tomorrow finishing setting up.