Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Old St. Nicholas Had a Tree

Looking for new to me holiday songs or story and I found this one
on Let the Wild Rumpus Start.  I modified it slightly and made it
for the magnetic board instead of out of felt.  My tree was a bit
big for my magnetic board but it still works.
            dec 11 033
Old St. Nicholas had a Tree is a version of Old MacDonald had a Farm.

The decorations and actions that I chose for each are…
stars – twinkle, twinkle
bells – ding dong
ball ornament – jazz hands
candy cane – lick, lick
ginger bread man – yum, yum

When using a familiar song and changing words can be a challenge.  In the following video you will hear several parents sing Old MacDonald before correcting themselves.  I managed to make it through that story time singing the correct words but the following day I slipped up.  We just need to laugh and continue on.

Here are the words...

Old St. Nicholas had a tree
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
And on his tree he had a candy cane
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
With a lick, lick here and a lick, lick there
here a lick, there a lick,
everywhere a lick, lick.
Old St. Nicholas had a tree
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho.