Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Little Pumpkins

       oct 25 001
We used potato mashers to make our pumpkins sitting on the gate.

I re-created the poem, adding pictures for key words for the children to
anticipate the words and motivate them to read along.
                  oct 25 002
I have to admit that I did learn something from my last art table mistake
but only slightly.

I created the painting above but I didn’t leave it on the table. 
I hung it on the wall like a decoration. 
I was much happier with the results.

This child felt free to make many, many pumpkins
oct 25 014 oct 25 015
and have them in a pumpkin patch.

oct 25 024 oct 25 027
While another made many jack o’lanterns with emotions,
          oct 25 028
and her mom labelled them for her.

oct 25 016 oct 25 017
Another was very methodical in her creation.
oct 25 018 oct 25 021
Adding stems and faces
        oct 25 023
before finishing off with the poem.

This child just wished to experiment with the potato mashers and brushes
oct 25 019 oct 25 020
that didn't mean she didn't have just as a rich and meaningful experience as the others.

                 oct 25 033 oct 25 034
They were all willing to share their artwork before taking it home.