Monday, October 19, 2015

Hide and Seek Game

     IMG_9011 IMG_9022
   This is how it started, searching under all the baskets to find matches.
Then I noticed that the surprise of finding a small toy hiding was more exciting; like a Peek-a-boo game.
  IMG_9019 IMG_9018
It didn’t matter what was underneath.  And like playing with the box instead of the present, the little baskets were more attractive then the toy to this toddler.
I continued to observe a few older children that began to sort and group the toys.
Then others began to put them in a row.  I see the beginning of patterning.
                      They also used them as little finger puppets. 
The parent in the first picture was using wonderful facial expressions to talk about 'scary'.
The second child worked hard placing the kitten puppets on her fingers without any help.  Looking at her face I wonder what she is thinking?  Is she telling herself a story?  Is she counting?  Is she wondering how they feel on her fingers?