Monday, May 14, 2018

May's Treasure Basket - Bugs

The weather is warmer and we are seeing life happening around us.
On our daily walks we spot a variety of bugs, all new to this little one.
Perfect time to put together a basket of items about bugs.
I included a bug house, magnifying glass and a net.
And of course bugs!
I was excited to show her the worm in the basket and we pulled out the Grumpy Bird book.
A worm is what Bird offered his friends for snack
and we hadn't seen a live one yet.
Her favourite item in the basket are these little bug holders.
She loves opening and closing them.
Especially after she puts a bug inside.
We found this great book called "big bug" that is all about big and little.
 It is about perspective.
The book starts with a big bug but on the second page it becomes a little bug on a big leaf.  Then the next page is a big flower and a little leaf.
This continues till they reach the big sky then it reverses back
to the little bug.
Later we went outside to catch some bugs.
We managed to capture these teeny tiny bugs in her net.
When mom and dad got home we shared the basket and showed them how we caught the bugs.