Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bee Day 2014

Every year in January our school hosts a Spelling Bee.  Leading up to the Bee classes make art work to decorate the hallway.  These are our bees.
                     jan 21 032
One of our families donated a big bag of rug hooking yarn.  I dug out the yellow and black and placed it at the art table with yellow paper, glue, scissors, googly
                  eyes and wings cut out of laminating material.

jan 22 024 jan 22 025 jan 22 032
      jan 22 034 jan 22 037
Each child approached their art in a different way.  Some started by drawing an
               oval, others placed the eyes, others just glued on the yarn.
jan 22 022 jan 22 023 jan 22 094 jan 22 095    
                              jan 23 034 
                                Each bee was unique and lovely.

jan 22 014 jan 22 015 jan 22 020
  One child and his dad decided to make a 3D bee and make him fly
                      (the bee is attached to a string).
           jan 22 016 jan 22 031
They spent probably a half an hour creating this bee.  The child loves using the
          glue gun and the parents are allowing him to be creative with it.
   jan 23 030
            Our hallway display drew attention from the older students. 
                      I saw them pointing to their favourite bee.
                                 jan 29 006
                             Till next Bee Day, keep having fun.