Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Walk

Our walk today started with a book “Stanley’s Stick” by John Hegley. 
      sept 19 040
The book is about boy who uses his imagination when playing with a stick, his favourite possession.  I like the end of the book where he sends the stick away for someone else to play with.
After reading the book we went for our walk in the woods.
I asked the children to find their own stick.
Here are a few stick ideas I heard…
sept 19 017 (2)   a marching stick,
sept 19 016    a broomstick for sweeping,
sept 19 013   drum sticks,
sept 19 020  a hole stick for a bug,
sept 19 032   and a blackberry bashing stick.
Which was very purposeful so she could sept 19 035eat.

Look what we found on a stick.
sept 19 015 sept 19 014
The frog distracted us from our stick play while we tried to catch him.

Our turn around point the ‘big rock’.
sept 19 023
A great climbing and sliding rock.

Pirate Day at the Beach

sept 14 002
Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day
but we celebrated last Friday.
It was the best low tide day for us to be at the beach.
Four StrongStart centres from our school district
planned this event together.
Here are a few of the activities that we did.
sept 14 003     sept 14 007
I brought the helm and sail from school and hung a pirate
flag on it.
We pretended to sail out to see searching for ships.
sept 14 040   sept 14 047
Another facilitator brought a nice piece of wood that
we used for ‘walking the plank’.
sept 14 004   sept 14 019
Fake moustaches had mixed reviews but were fun.
sept 17 033  sept 17 031
Another facilitator made wonderful treasure bottles and
scattered them around the beach.
sept 14 014   sept 14 013
She filled them with sand, gold sprayed mini pasta shells
and little toys.  The children were intrigued to turn the bottles over
and over to see what was inside.

There was buried treasure.
sept 14 010But first we had to build the map.
sept 14 009sept 14 011
The children had to find four treasure boxes hidden around
the beach.
sept 14 021 sept 14 027
Collect a coin from each box then bring them to me,
Pirate Moe,
to buy a piece of the map puzzle.
sept 14 025sept 14 028sept 14 031sept 14 035
The children worked together to figure out how the pieces fit together.
sept 14 036 sept 18 026
When the puzzle was completed they had to point out the `X`
then find on the beach where the treasure was hidden.
sept 14 070
It didn't take long before they found it under a tree root.
sept 14 071  sept 14 072
We finished off the morning with songs and stories.
      sept 14 052
    It was a beautiful day to be a pirate on the beach.
               sept 14 061
                        Ahoy thar, matey!