Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Walk

Our walk today started with a book “Stanley’s Stick” by John Hegley. 
      sept 19 040
The book is about boy who uses his imagination when playing with a stick, his favourite possession.  I like the end of the book where he sends the stick away for someone else to play with.
After reading the book we went for our walk in the woods.
I asked the children to find their own stick.
Here are a few stick ideas I heard…
sept 19 017 (2)   a marching stick,
sept 19 016    a broomstick for sweeping,
sept 19 013   drum sticks,
sept 19 020  a hole stick for a bug,
sept 19 032   and a blackberry bashing stick.
Which was very purposeful so she could sept 19 035eat.

Look what we found on a stick.
sept 19 015 sept 19 014
The frog distracted us from our stick play while we tried to catch him.

Our turn around point the ‘big rock’.
sept 19 023
A great climbing and sliding rock.

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