Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fairy Lane Continues

Every time I walk through Fairy Lane I’m hopeful. 
I’m hoping to see evidence that others have been visiting.
I’m hoping that others still enjoy the magic of Fairy Lane
as much as I do.  

Several months ago my spirit was dampened when, while
walking through the Lane, I discovered that someone had
swept away half of the doors and all the treasures that the
children and their families had left behind.  I found it heart
breaking but realized that others, that have not been involved
in establishing Fairy Lane, might not understand its value.
But this morning my spirit was lifted.  Someone left a message.
 IMG_1718  IMG_1719
They still believe in the power of Fairy Lane. 
The power it has to draw us into the forest. 
To enjoy nature together.
IMG_1723  IMG_1724
They have taken the time to leave their treasures
without disturbing what is growing naturally there.
IMG_1722 IMG_1725
They took time to paint rocks and existing doors
to brighten up Fairy Lane on these foggy days
of October.
          They have left us a message. 
     We are all invited to play in these woods.  

Thank you to the family or families that have taken the time to inspire. 
My heart and mind is full of ideas of how we can continue to explore and
of ideas of ways to show others what Fairy Lane represents.