Thursday, February 6, 2014

Castle – the Design Stage

In the next four of five posts I'll be sharing our latest project.

Before Christmas I noticed that there were a group of children playing
with the swords, shields, dragons and king outfits.  After we returned
from the two week holiday the play continued.
                 jan 16 004
I wanted to understand what the children's interests were about that era,
about castles, and about knights.   Was it more than knights fighting?

            jan 13 039
jan 16 007 jan 16 005
I invited the children to draw what they know about castles with the
prompt, “If we were to build a castle what would it look like?” 
Books from the library were provided for further investigation.

 jan 13 016 jan 13 040   
    jan 20 008 jan 20 031
jan 20 012 jan 20 032
 jan 9 009 jan 13 041
Over the past two weeks we’ve had several discussions of what is needed for a castle.
           jan 20 033
They came up with lots of ideas for protection of the castle.  Next we will take our ideas from print to building.