Friday, October 10, 2014

Granny Apple Dolls

Today we began making our Granny Apple Dolls.  They are easy to make and inexpensive, especially if you have friends with apple trees.
   You will need apples, peelers, tools for carving, doweling, and lemon juice.
  IMG_0282 IMG_0298
The difficult part for children to do is the peeling, although some gave it a great try.
IMG_0283 IMG_0289
                       Next carve a face into the apple.
Poke a piece of doweling in your apple (we’ll add fabric for clothing to it later).  We printed our names on tape and stuck it to the doweling.
After dipping them into lemon juice (to prevent browning) we then we poked them into a piece of styrofoam so they stand up while they dry. 
We noticed that the apples with red peels are much whiter than the apples with greenish-yellow peel.
   IMG_0299 IMG_0297
Some of our Granny’s have interesting features and unique personalities.
We will check them every day and watch as they change from young apple dolls
                         to Grandmas.