Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blast Off!

We’ve finished our planning for outer space and now it is time to play.
             nov 5 070
We’ve started small and slow with two 'small world' play areas. 
    This is the first one they see as they walk in the room.

           nov 1 011
The second one is in the far corner of the room that will eventually
                   turn into outer space. 

         nov 1 012                                                                                   nov 5 102
I was very lucky to find these space shuttles, astronauts and lunar
         mobiles at a thrift store just last week.

nov 5 001 nov 5 014
                      nov 5 017
Starting slow allows the children to explore the rockets and add to
the ideas of what our big cardboard rocket should look like when
                            we build it.

     nov 5 021
What parts does it have?  Fuselage, windows, wings and …..
stay tune, we will begin building our play rocket very soon.

Did you notice, in the pictures, that only boys are playing with these toys.  There were a few girls but I didn’t capture good pictures of them.  I plan on asking the girls their thoughts, feelings and ideas of what we could add to this play.