Friday, December 21, 2018

The Twins Christmas Tree

For my younger grand daughters (they just turned 1) I made a tree from a cardboard box.
I found these amazing screws, for cardboard, at a store in Vancouver.
They work like a charm and hold the cardboard pieces together so simply and firmly.
I cut one hole in each side and finished off the edges with tape.
I gave the girls a basket each full of balls.
 Some balls were smooth, ruff, prickly, small, big, rubber, plastic and some have lights inside that shine when they are hit or dropped.
After they spent time checking out all the balls I showed them how the balls can disappear into the tree.
The balls that light up are great motivators for the little ones to look through the holes.
 It didn't take them long to figure out to drop the ball through the hole
but getting it out again was a challenge.
 These two are quite physical so it wasn't a surprise to see the tree tipped on to it's side.
 Which seemed like a perfect invitation to go inside.
If one tries it then the other often does too.
I think they like all the balls the best.

A couple of days later I visited again to see they were trying to get the ball out through the hole.  I noticed that she tried with both arms.
When that didn't work she went around to the open end.
It may be a proud Nana talking but I think they are clever.