Friday, June 26, 2015

Snail Snacks

We finished our study on snails this week with a couple of fun snack ideas.
Day 1 we made Cinnamon Swirl Snails using our pretzel dough recipe.
Each child took a piece of the dough and rolled it flat, then spread
                                         melted butter on it.
They then sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top of it before rolling it up to look like a snail’s house.  Our school smelled delicious and we got lots of comments from students as they walked by.

Day 2 we used leftover hot dog buns to make Snail Sandwiches.
They used one half of the hot dog bun and rolled it very flat before spreading either jam or Wowbutter on it.
Then rolled it up to eat.

At the end of Day 2 we took our snail garden outside and let the snails go.
                             Have a good summer snails.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Snail Math

No it’s not slow math but counting with snail shells.
         IMG_6506 (2)
     Counting, matching, guessing how many, and recognizing numerals.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fairy Tea Party

Today is International Fairy Tea Party day so I invited families to join me at
                              Fairy Lane to celebrate.
This was also our day to celebrate the re-opening of Fairy Lane.  It was our first
official visit since the city put up the signs supporting this adventure.
We dressed for the occasion and I brought along a few extra sets of wings.

We started with a fairy hunt.  Some of our flower fairies were hidden and the children needed to find them and then stamp their booklet.
       It took a little back tracking to find all six fairies but we did it together.

                                     Then it was time for tea. 
                I offered the first pour then the children helped themselves.
                  A tea party was a lovely way to end our school year.
                                Happy summer to all our families.

Snail Slime Painting

As we watched our snails move around their garden we noticed shiny spots on
                    the screening that covers the garden.
        It gave me the idea to try to replicate it at the art table.
I made our own snails out of shell snails (I think they are used for escargot)
                  with pieces of sponge hot glued into them.
Pieces of window screening was taped to cardstock, so it wouldn’t slip around
           and to catch the slime as it oozes through the screening.
       Then they slid the snail across the screen leaving a trail of colour.
Sometimes more than one snail would leave their mark on the screen and
                               the colours would blend.
The size of the snails were perfect for gripping which made it easier for the
                                   younger children to use.
You are probably wondering what we used for the slime - clear corn syrup with
                                      food colouring mixed in.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Since we have snails in our little garden I decided to set up this provocation
                                    focusing on spirals.
The trays are covered with sand and there are small containers holding different
                          loose materials beside each of them.
                I also printed various images of spirals that I Googled.

I discovered that the sand just scattered everywhere so I made a change for day
I drew spirals on paper and laminated them.  The children then placed the items; toothpicks, shells, flat marbles and coloured stones, around, on or within the lines.

The second week I changed it again, taking away the silver trays and replacing them
                                            with turntables.
      A mixture of markers and coloured pencils were offered with paper.
Drawing on the paper while spinning the turntable was a challenge for some of the
                              children and their grown up helped.
This also allowed them to experiment with the drawing tools, like using two at a
The pictures above shows two children, different ages, able to spin and draw at the same time.  What skill do they have or have learned that allows them to do this when others can’t?

                                Having fun and being creative!