Monday, September 30, 2013


Once a month we visit a Seniors Lodge to share stories
and songs with our grand-friends.
     sept 30 007
Our visits offer us an opportunity to enjoy each others
company and share our learning.

    sept 30 020
Today we started a project “Planting a Promise”.
sept 30 009 A daffodil bulb has the
           promise of a flower deep inside.
 sept 30 015 sept 30 019
When we plant it, the promise is there that it will
         grow in the spring.
sept 30 024 sept 30 026 sept 30 027
We drew pictures of what we think the flowers will
look like and gave them to our grand friends.
         sept 30 028

Then it was time to sing and dance,
  sept 30 036 sept 30 037
           share a story,
sept 30 039 sept 30 042
            and play a game.
sept 30 044 sept 30 048
Visiting with the seniors helps us understand each other. 
How we are the same and how we are different? 
Our visits help us build compassion.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Autumn has Arrived at StrongStart

    sept 24 026
Our dramatic play area is set to explore autumn leaves,
with a picnic on the side.
       sept 25 005
It didn’t take long for the leaves to be placed on the tree
and shook off.  We pretended to be the wind and blow
the leaves off the tree.
    sept 25 008 (2)
Watching the little ones reaction to the leaves falling is
wonderful.  Are they amazed because we are spreading
the leaves all over the floor?  Or are they mesmerized
by the colours floating?

sept 25 023  sept 26 026
They learn to spill the leaves themselves and use the rakes to
move them around.

Then one child noticed a basket of squirrels and chipmunks
on the shelf and brought them out to play.
   sept 25 009
She showed me how the animals move up the tree.
sept 25 010  sept 25 011
I started to see the chipmunks move around.
        sept 25 020
In baskets,
    sept 25 022
in the leaves,
    sept 25 031
at the picnic table
sept 25 016
so we found some acorns for them.

     sept 25 018
What other animals do we see in trees?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Autumn Trees

I saw this craft idea at Happy Hooligans.
    sept 24 001
They are very simple to make.  We already had the sticks
on our craft shelves and used plastercine as the base.
 sept 25 007  sept 24 002
The children crumpled coloured tissue paper and glued it to the branch.
sept 24 003   sept 25 032
We now a lovely forest to help decorate our science table.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spin and Squirt

          sept 23 006
Spin and squirt are fun words to find at the art table.
            sept 23 042
   As well as squeeze, up in to the eye dropper.
  sept 23 030
  And splat, goes the paint, on the paper.
  sept 23 048
  There was also stripes and splotches.
   sept 23 047
         Hope you give it a spin.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Talk Like a Pirate

Do pirates go out in the rain? 
That was a question that arose last Friday when we celebrated
Talk Like a Pirate day. 
It was pouring outside but the temperature was warm and there
was no wind.  Do we go or stay at school?
   sept 20 015
We had warned the families that yes we would we go regardless
of the weather.  So this was our test, “will we follow through?”.
    sept 20 016
Colleen, my co-planner from another StrongStart centre, and I
arrived early to set up.
sept 20 003 sept 20 004
 sept 20 010 sept 20 011
    Then we waited to see if anyone would join us.
      sept 20 055
And they did.  We were impressed with how many came and
that they arrived dressed to get wet.
                sept 20 060
           Or prepared to stay dry.
    sept 20 022 sept 20 032
 sept 20 036 sept 20 054
sept 20 043  sept 20 062
We had a lot of fun being pirates, building boats, playing in
the water, searching for treasure.
  IMG_1630 IMG_1632
To finish the morning, Captain Thunderpants joined us for a few songs. 
   IMG_1631  sept 20 019
          What an awesome morning!