Friday, September 27, 2013

Autumn Trees

I saw this craft idea at Happy Hooligans.
    sept 24 001
They are very simple to make.  We already had the sticks
on our craft shelves and used plastercine as the base.
 sept 25 007  sept 24 002
The children crumpled coloured tissue paper and glued it to the branch.
sept 24 003   sept 25 032
We now a lovely forest to help decorate our science table.


  1. Oh Maureen how beautiful!
    I use my old playdough for the base works great as it hardens later on.
    We just did our hand trees with the fall colours...I LOVE FALL!
    Thanks for sharing!
    On these dreary rainy dark days it sure is nice to have some colour in our life!
    Linda in Vancouver

    1. Thanks Linda, playdough may have been easier for them to manipulate and become a more solid base. They tend to fall over every once in awhile.