Thursday, October 17, 2013

What Lives in Trees?

                  sept 25 010
Awhile back I shared a post about leaves falling and how the
children played with chipmunks in and around our tree.
        oct 1, 2013 026 oct 2 011
That led to a question, “Which animals like trees?”  and
“Who lives in trees?”.
   oct 3 009 oct 3 013
As the children played they thought of animals that like trees; owl, eagle,
small birds, raccoon, and deer were a few they mentioned and I found them
as stuffies.
      oct 2 015 oct 2 071
We started to gather quite a few toy animals and used a variety of
baskets for nests and homes.  But I noticed that the tree we were using
was limiting their play and understanding of how the animals used trees. 
        oct 8 175 oct 8 176
So a new tree was created out of boxes stacked on top of each other,
covered with paper and holes cut into it so the animals could hide away.
   oct 9 015  oct 11 001  
More animals were added to the list; snakes, mice, bats and spiders.
         oct 9 018  oct 9 019
Books were provided to help us answer questions that the children
have about the animals.
oct 9 001 oct 9 045