Friday, June 7, 2013

Going on a Bear Hunt

june 5 061
We held our annual Teddy Bear Picnic this week and
I set up a bear hunt again.  But this year it was an
activity that families could individually participate
in all morning not as a whole group.  It worked much
better this way.
june 5, 2013 129  june 5 087
When they entered, they first had to go through
swishy-wishy tall grass.
june 5 096  june 5, 2013 154
There were mixed feelings from the children, some were
hesitant and slowly made their way through the streamers. 
While others excitedly went through again and again.
june 5, 2013 128   june 5, 2013 145
Next was the wibbly-wobbly bridge.  And it was wobbly!
june 5, 2013 136  june 5, 2013 134
Each child carefully crossed the bridge in a way that they
felt secure.
june 5 065  june 5 090
Next came the Ooey-gooey mud – have to walk through it. 
Squish, squish, squish.
    june 5 069  june 5, 2013 151
Because it’s almost summer time here and no snow in the forecast,
I replaced a snowstorm with a bubble storm.  It was the most popular
part of the whole bear hunt.  There were lots and lots of bubbles all
being caught and popped and floating throughout the gardens.
june 5, 2013 185 
I found a great bubble storm maker (gun) at walmart
(it came with batteries, yay).  It produced lots of bubbles
  june 5, 2013 198 june 5, 2013 200
              june 5, 2013 197
If I was to do this again I would try to find a bubble
blower that could produce the same amount of bubbles
but didn’t require me to be there to work it.  I missed a
lot of the Teddy Bear picnic because so many children
kept going on the hunt.
june 5 067  june 5 066
Finally the cave, a dark and tiny cave.  Is there a bear inside?
june 5 104 june 5, 2013 138 june 5, 2013 143 june 5, 2013 172
      june 5, 2013 167 
                 Many were curious. 
                 Most would peek inside. 
                 Some would not go in. 
    june 5, 2013 186
One brave soul woke the bear and brought him out.