Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 3 Reading with our Big Buddies

Our grade 5 big buddies led us through StoryWalks today.  
They were set up throughout the hallways for the whole school to enjoy during
Literacy Week.
 One upstairs and one downstairs.
Having two stories helped us to spread the children out so waiting to read 
wasn't as long.
StrongStart is a drop in program so most buddy days we will have new little buddies.
It's wonderful to watch how welcoming the big buddies can be.
Do they remember being that young and attending StrongStart?
It warms a parent's, and an educator's, heart to see the trust that grows.
After the StoryWalk we had extra time so went to the library to read.
Reading together has become a familiar activity for young and older and they easily
and comfortably slip into the activity.