Friday, September 28, 2012

Leaf Impressions

Yesterday one grandmother, Nonie, brought in a big bag of leaves.
We used them to make our prints.
     sept 28 001
Then today we used the rest of them to make impressions.
sept 28 002
First we placed leaves on the table then covered them with foil.
We used the brayers to roll over the foil.
sept 28 015  sept 28 018
Brayers and paint rollers are like cars, they attract boys to the art table.

Unfortunately the foil I had was purchased at a dollar store and had creases in it when I took it off the roll.  So it was difficult to see the impressions.
          sept 28 024
But you could feel them while the leaves were still under the foil.

Then we used markers to sketch the leaves on the foil.
sept 28 031
They enjoyed the drawing on foil. 
I think it’s because there is little friction and the marker slides smoothly.
sept 28 036
I think next time we try this I will buy heavy duty foil.
It was a good project to experiment with.