Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tree Freeze

         april 30 047
I attended a workshop on the weekend that was called Growing Up Wild
and participants included Early Childhood Educators, teachers, principals
and a boy scout leader.
april 30 048
By participating in the workshop I learned several new ideas to play
with children outside and received this fabulous guide packed full of

           april 30 074
One game the facilitator taught us was giving actions to trees.  I can’t
remember what or if she had a name for the game but I call it “Tree Freeze”.

We warmed up by singing an echo song called “Tall Trees”.  Then I
introduced a picture for each tree that we would give an action.

april 30 076    april 30 040
A douglas fir, straight and tall with arms straight overhead.
april 30 075  april 30 041
The hemlock, droopy at the top.
april 30 079  april 30 042
The maple tree, big and wide with lots of leaves.
april 30 078 april 30 043
A cedar tree, graceful low branches.
april 30 077  april 30 044april 30 045
The spruce, with prickly needles, reach in then pull back into a fist
and say ‘ouch’.

april 30 058  april 30 057  april 30 059
We practiced a bit in the classroom.  I would say, “Ready?” then call
out one of the trees.
     april 30 067
Then we headed outside for a walk, acting out the trees as I called them.
    april 30 071
It’s an easy game to learn and a great game to play on a walk.
You could make up your own actions for the trees that grow where
you live.
                      Give it a try.