Thursday, December 6, 2012

Starry Night

Today’s art was fascinating to watch.
dec 6 010 dec 6 011
How children approached it differently but with some common feelings.
dec 6 013 dec 6 012
Here are two brothers working side by side.
dec 6 014 dec 6 015
The older was very controlled with his placement of stars and strokes
of the brush.
         dec 6 019
Whereas the younger brother was interested in the peeling of the stars and
his brush strokes were carefree and wider in motion.
         dec 6 017
But they both felt the same when taking off the stars – neither wanted to.
dec 6 026 dec 6 031
That was a common feeling, “don’t remove the stickers,
I’ll just paint more over top”.

But follow these next pictures. 
This girl takes you through how she made her Starry Night picture.
dec 6 022 dec 6 025 dec 6 029
dec 6 032 dec 6 034
      dec 6 036 dec 6 037
After being very absorbed in her art work, showing her pleasure at the
end she sang,          ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’.

dec 6 055 dec 6 056
             dec 6 057
It’s not common for little ones to cover their whole sheet of paper
but this little guy did. 
Look how interested he is as his mom pulls off of the star. 
Then examining the empty spot.  Is it because of the contrast in colour? 
Or just an empty spot needing to be covered?

     dec 6 018
I was thrilled to be able to capture this expression.
What do you imagine he was thinking?

dec 6 003 dec 6 023
                                    Starry Nights
                    by a child                     by a grown up