Thursday, November 12, 2015

An Interest in Ramps

During September and October I noticed the children building ramps using different materials that we have available in the classroom. 
Looking for a way to add on the children’s interest I borrowed a kit, from our Learning Resource centre, specifically for exploring ramps.
The kit included birch stands that can be stacked in a different ways, heavy PVC half tubes and balls.
The children loved it and promptly started sending the balls down.  The balls were rolling all around the room so we grab some of the big tin cans and baskets to use as collectors.
Each day it was built up in a different way with assorted amounts of ramps.
       IMG_9636 IMG_9750
The balls varied in what they were made of, their size and their shape.  Some would roll easier and farther then others.  They would roll faster if the ramp was steeper versus flat.
I spotted some children using the birch stands with our hot wheel tracks to build their own ramps for cars.  I wish we could have kept the kit longer but we will continue building using what we have.  I wonder where else in the room we could use ramps?

Dino Antics Day 7

                 We found the dinosaurs in the art area this morning. 
                          They had taken the turntables out for a spin.
                                  We helped them spin some more.