Saturday, November 2, 2013

Planting a Promise

BC Agriculture has expanded their Spuds in Tubs program to use the soil left from growing our potatoes to grow daffodils.. This allows us to continue our gardening from spuds in the spring to planting the daffodil bulbs in the fall.
oct 30 042  oct 28 047

We shared our Spuds project with our grand friends last year so decided to
share Planting a Promise with them too.
sept 30 008 sept 30 010
With our grand friends watching we discovered the promise within the bulb.
I showed the group a daffodil bulb and said that inside of it there is a promise,
a promise that it will grow into a flower.  The daffodil needs to be planted in
the fall but will grow in the spring.
sept 30 015 sept 30 017
       sept 30 019
We are doing an experiment with these bulbs; Will they grow just
as good in a pot as they would outside in soil?
sept 30 024 sept 30 025 sept 30 027
We drew pictures predicting what our flowers will look like when they bloom.
     IMG_1686sept 30 028
           Then shared them with our grand friends.

At school, a few weeks later, we planted more bulbs in our front flower bed.
             oct 17 036
First, Mackenzie, my new practicum student helped move the spud soil
                       to the flower bed.

We started our lesson indoors the same way we did with our grand
                friends by cutting a bulb open.
2 Capture
The handbook is a great resource, full of information and pictures to
aid in the understanding of how this flower grows and what to expect.
                  oct 21 077
The kit comes with 35 bulbs, we planted 4 with our grand friends
        and used one to cut open so 30 left to plant.
     PicMonkey Collage
We had a great time digging holes and making sure we placed the
        bulb in the hole with the roots pointing down.
oct 21 088 oct 21 090
        We talked about what the bulb will need to grow.
                     The soil, the sun and water.
oct 21 095 oct 21 096 oct 21 101
Now we’ll wait, watch and record the growth of our promises.