Monday, September 16, 2013

Art from the Sign In Table

The first week back to school is a very busy time and that includes taking a new picture of every child that comes in.  Usually I would take their picture, print it off in the afternoon and the next visit would put it on magnet so they could sign in. It's time consuming.
march 20, 2012 018 june 22 015
The first week of school so many families are coming in that it makes me extra busy to put them on magnet as new families are arriving.  So this year I decided to change it up.  I still took their picture on their first day but waited to give them their photo till the second week.
               room set up 2013 004
This is what awaited them at the sign in area.  A pre-painted canvas and triangle shaped sticky notes.
sept 03 006  sept 03 023
This art piece worked on several skills; colour identification, fine motor (peeling the stickees apart), and turn taking.  We also learned how to apply the stickees and problem solve when they wouldn’t stay stuck.
            sept 6 007
It was a non-threatening entrance to a new environment for some little ones.  Families could work together to help create the art piece.  And children could come back and add more if they wished.
                  sept 13 010
Now we have a colourful piece of art that we worked together to create and at the same time helping to make the beginning of the year a little more peaceful.