Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Musical Instrument Exploration

nov 23 060
Our collection of musical instruments have been out for a week or two
for the children and families to explore.
dec 5 037 There’s a rain stick.
dec 5 038 Bongos and maracas.
dec 5 036 Castanet.
nov 27 012 Hand drum and tambourine.
dec 5 009 A Chinese Bolang Gu.
IMG_1685 A thumb guitar.
dec 5 006 A thunder drum.
nov 23 060 And a croaking frog.
 dec 5 033
Everyday the children venture to the table to make music.
Trying the instruments in different ways.
Or together.
Playing with the musical instruments challenges us physically,
how to handle the instrument to make it sound good.
Discovering a variety ways to use each instrument lets us hear them in different ways.
Like the thunder drum, shaking it slowly makes a quiet sound,
shaking it hard makes the sound much louder.

Sorry the sound doesn't come through that well in the video but you see
how the child explore and experiment with each piece.