Thursday, February 2, 2012

Last Day of Shadows

This was our question of the week.
Well not a question but a statement.
When each child arrives at our StrongStart centre they find their own photo.
There are probably over 200 photos on this cabinet
so it can take a while to find your picture.
But we work on scanning with our finger from left to right.
Today I encouraged families to bring in flashlights and look what I saw this little guy using his for.
Great idea!
It helped him focus on each photo.
After they find their photo they take it to the Question of the Week
but remember it was a 'statement' this week.
I encourage parents to use this opportunity to expand on vocabulary
and concepts.
At the end of the morning the children put their photo back on the cabinet
so it's ready for the next visit.

This morning we also did some sponge shadow painting at the art table.
Painting outside and around a template, 
or inside a template.
 We used a little piece of tape to hold the template in place.
 I think his painting looks like snowballs.
The groundhog must be hiding behind them.
There he is out of his hole and he doesn't see his shadow.
Yay, spring is coming

The sun is shining and he's seen his shadow,
oh no more winter is coming.
 A few children tried both methods of painting.
And added their own backgrounds.