Friday, October 7, 2016

Horse Project - Visit a Horse

The other day we visited Hilary at the Therapeutic Riding stable to 
see real horses and their home.
Yes they do live in a barn.
So what does the barn look like inside?
Each horse stall has a door.  Each door is split in half.
The top half has a window that is covered with chicken wire
The bottom half has an X design on it.
We got to meet two horses and see what they sleep on
which is saw dust.  We also learned that they also pee on it too.
Which made us laugh.
But Hilary told us that the saw dust soaks up the pee and they can scoop
it out to keep the stall clean.
 And speaking on keeping things cleaned, Hilary showed us some of the brushes
they use to keep the horses cleaned.
One is soft for brushing the body.
And another looks hard but it is flexible and is good
for brushing all the mud off their legs.
We also learned what horses eat.
Hilary let us help prepare two buckets of food for their horses.
First she showed us the grain they eat. 
(It looks like the wood pellets in our small world play)
The children each took a turn adding a scoop to the buckets.
Then we added apples.
I'm glad we have been playing with apples at school so now
we can use them in our horse play too.
Next step is to start building our horse barn.