Thursday, April 3, 2014

Scrambling Eggs

This morning we made scrambled eggs.  The children took turns cracking the eggs.  For some it was the first time.  It was exciting to watch.

The first picture was taken just after she hit the egg on the table and I quickly got it into the bowl.  But some got on her and under the table.  The second picture shows his attempt at crushing, I mean cracking the egg.  You can see the mom behind still cleaning the floor.

Some tried to squish the egg.  It worked for them after tapping it on the table.  But the squish was more of a squash.  We did find a couple of pieces of shell in the bowl when pouring the egg into the pan.

Love the expression on their faces.  One is surprised and a little grossed out while the other is very focused and confident.

Mixing the eggs with this handy manual blender was just as much fun.  It works by pushing up and down on the handle.

Overall I enjoyed hearing the grown ups gasps and laughter while the children cracked the eggs.  They were delighted and encouraging.