Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Buddy's Roll, Collect and Create

Today we got together with our big buddies and headed outside.
Each buddy pair had a nature bag
that contained three picture cards and a die.
The idea is that they draw a picture card then roll the dice.
Count how many spots then collect that many of the picture.
For example, the picture card says stick and he rolls a 4 then he collects
four sticks.
After the buddies drew each of the three cards and collected everything
we gathered in the sand box to create art with our collection.
Some even made stories to go with their art.
"We made a person with a weapon", said the little buddy.
"That's not school friendly", said the big buddy.
I walked on but when I came back they had changed it to
"a baseball player with a bat".
And on my last walk around the group they had changed it again
to make a 'big eared mouse baseball player".