Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's in the Egg? - Family Project

A Family Project is an activity that families do at home then bring back to school and share with the group.  This month's project is called "What's in the egg?"
I provided plastic Easter eggs for the child to take home, encouraging them to find something to fit inside it, think of clues for it and bring it back to school.
When they bring it to school I ask them for their clues and write them down on a folded piece of paper that looks like an egg. (demonstrating literacy in action - what you say is the same as what I write)
At circle time, it's their time to stand up and be the leader.  Giving their clues and waiting for guesses. In the picture above we were with our grade 3 buddy class and this little guy was able to share the game with them.

Family projects are similar to homework but for under 5s.  They offer families the opportunity to have fun with an activity at home.  But what I enjoy most is watching the child stand up in front of the group for the first time.  Their first experience with public speaking.

Today a little girl brought in her project and we went through all the steps of prepping her to stand in front of the group.  But at the last minute she didn't want to stand up and be the centre of attention so I asked her if I could do it with her.  From where she sat comfortably with her mom she clearly answered all the questions.  And the children guessed what was in her egg.  Maybe next time she'll feel ready - little steps with family and school support can be powerful.