Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Collecting life

Wow it was an amazing day.

After cleaning the house and doing laundry (yes I do more than work related things on my day off) I drove out to a friend's house to get frog eggs.

The sun was shining today so really enjoyed my friends pond, set in her front yard. Gathered up pond water and eggs and headed back towards town.

Only to stop at a farm to pick up fertilized chicken eggs. Lisa gave me a tour around and I petted the baby goats and saw the ducklings. The cow is due to give birth any day.

Hopefully when our chicks hatch and we deliver them back to the farm there will be lots of animals for us to visit.

Back at school I read the instructions for the incubator and discovered that it needed to be running for at 24 hours before putting the eggs in so it could reach the proper temperature and humidity. Luckily I have about a 6 day grace period with the eggs.

Next I poured the frog spawn into an aquarium so it's set for the families to see tomorrow.

Finally before leaving school I checked in at the office and found that the butterfly larvae had arrived. Yippee! I took it home to prepare the food. It smelled like oatmeal.

It was harder using the paint brush to separate the larvae from the main container into the individual ones.