Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our Christmas Tree

This year we made our own tree.
I found the pattern over at Instructables sometime ago and was able to save it
                                on Pinterest till now.
The pattern calls for 16 triangles cut from cardboard but I only had enough to make two small triangles and one medium.  It still worked out well and a good height for the children in the program.
I used large brad fasteners to put the triangles together with a bit of packing tape,
                          on the inside, to stop them from pivoting.
After painting the triangles I placed it on a wooden stand that we use in our
This child took the sparkly garland from the sensory table and used it to decorate
                                                    the tree.
       It inspired us to create more decorations for the tree the following day.
But as we created we had to figure how to hang them on the cardboard.  Some had
                     sharp points so we could poke them through.
Others we could drape over and around.  The rest we used tape to attach them.
                 We’ll be able to use the tree throughout the year.