Monday, October 15, 2012

Apple Days

Last week we focused on apples. 
This is the table that greeted the families as they entered the room.
oct 5 029
Sorting apples by size, by colour or what the apple
was made of (plastic, rubber or wood).
oct 10 013  october 12 004
Using tongs is a challenge and I provided three different types. 
Then they experimented with which set of tongs worked best for
the different sizes.
oct 9 024
At the art table we used real apples and apple shaped cookie cutters to make prints.
oct 9 012 oct 9 014
I stuck old fashioned clothespins into the apples for handles. 
That made it much easier for the children to manage the apples in and out of the paint.

I told a story called “The Little House with No Windows and No Doors”.

And of course we cooked with apples.
oct 9 007 oct 9 008
Starting with peeling. 
The children love using this manual apple peeler.
The parents are always surprised that it peels, slices and cores all at the same time.
oct 15 013
After peeling we cut the slices into smaller pieces.

oct 9 004 oct 9 009
Last week we made apple turnovers. 
The children mixed the apples with a cinnamon, sugar and flour mix.
oct 9 005  oct 9 025
Then they rolled out the crust.
I find the best way to roll pie crust is between two pieces of wax paper.
Means less mess.

I found this cheddar cheese crust recipe and it was delicious.
oct 9 021 oct 9 006
After placing the apple mix on their flatten crust
the tricky part was to fold the crust over.

We used a fork to seal it.
oct 9 042
I didn’t get a picture of the children’s little turnovers
but here are the ones that I made for my family. 

Then today we made applesauce.
oct 15 028 oct 15 035
More peeling and cutting.
oct 15 015 And checking out the peel.
oct 15 040 Love the smell that fills the room when it is cooking.
oct 15 059 Finally eating,
and licking the bowl clean. oct 15 058