Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Legend of the Golden Snail

                  july 7, 2013 022
"The Legend of the Golden Snail" by Graeme Base is a book I read when we are studying snails and pirates.  It is about imagination, challenges, helping others, adventure and more.
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 july 7, 2013 034
Graeme’s illustrations pop off of each page in beautiful deep colours.
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But what I really like about the book is that it contains a book within a book.  When you open the cover you will find a miniature version of the bedtime story that the main character is read and that begins his adventure.
july 7, 2013 036 july 7, 2013 043  
I found a real shell that matches the one that Wilbur, the main character and his cat, eventually find.  I painted it gold and will use it as a conversation prompt when we read the book in September for "Talk Like a Pirate Day”.