Saturday, May 18, 2013

Really Getting to Know about Buses - Part 3

IMG_7445 IMGP0906
This week we had an opportunity to visit the transit
bus yard to get a really close look at a bus.
IMG_7441  IMGP0903
Mr. Richards, the manager and the mechanic, Trevor, showed
us around the bus.  First he raised the bus really high; high
enough for him to walk underneath.
IMG_7446  IMG_7448
After he lowered the bus he showed us the ramp and invited
us on board.
IMG_7450 IMG_7454
On board we saw different straps.  Some hanging from the
bars above for people to hold on to if they have to stand. 
And a different strap down below the seat to tie down a
wheel chair.
IMG_7451 IMG_7453
Each child had their clipboard with paper and pencil so
they could draw pictures of the different parts of the bus. 
(We'll use this information later at school to add more parts
to our cardboard bus.)
IMG_7455 IMG_7457
By the doors we saw reflector lights and safety signs.
IMG_7484 IMG_7485
Mr. Richards showed us the stop button and we all
had a turn to press it.
We heard the ding and saw the sign light up each
time we pressed the button.
IMG_7466 IMGP0911
An exciting part was to pretend to drive the bus and
IMG_7475 IMG_7471
where we drop our money to make the clink-clink sound.
The driver on the bus says, "Don’t forget to pay."

IMGP0929Outside the bus we saw…
IMG_7490 IMG_7491
the destination panel that tells us where the bus is going
and the license plate,
IMG_7494 IMG_7495
the big engine and where the diesel fuel is pumped.

IMG_7497  IMG_7499
We found extra tires and measured them by using our bodies. 

IMGP0936 IMGP0943
We gathered outside, enjoyed a snack and talked about all the
different things we saw.
IMG_7461  IMG_7526
Some of the documentation the families did on the tour.

One of the highlights of our tour was meeting a couple
of bus drivers.
Thanks so much to Mr. Richards, Trevor, Kenny and Sarahlyn
for making our tour exciting and very informative.

 Tomorrow's post will show you how we made changes to our
cardboard bus back at school.