Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seuss Day Two

Today was about feet - The Foot Book was the focus but unfortunately I couldn't find it to read it.  We still had fun starting with following footprints into the room.  I loved the surprised questions from the children -
"What are these for?"
 Why they are to walk on, of course.

At the art table they were asked to trace their foot, cut it out and decorate it.

Then we posted them on the hallway wall with a Dr. Seuss quote.
But the most fun and excitement was had on the carpet area.  I had set up a basket with more black footprints, a chart sheet, pencils and instructions.
I encouraged both parent and child to be measured.

Then to count and compare, who needs more feet, who has less - loved the math that was happening.
The following boy was asked this question "Who is longer, you or mom?"  The boy answered "Mom"
Then I asked "How do you know?"  Boy - "There are more."  Me - "How many more does mom have than you?"
So he counted the "more" in mom's line and answered "3".