Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Big Buddies Five Little Pumpkins

During our last big buddy visit we focused on the poem
Five Little Pumpkins.
A few of our big buddies acted out the poem for a very attentive audience.
Then each pair received a little baggie with 5 pumpkins, a gate and the words to the poem.
They counted the pumpkins and retold the poem together.
This big buddy is trying to make a connection with his little buddy who
is a bit hesitant when she meets someone new.
But his silliness drew her in and she copied him by covering mom's eyes
with the pumpkins.
The children then played with equipment that had been set up around the gym.
I noticed that this was a time that many of the grown ups felt comfortable
to step back and let their child connect with the big buddy alone.
This provided lots of opportunity for the buddies to learn more about each other
and what they can do.
Here is an another example of a big buddy gaining their little buddies attention and interest.
She patiently waited, with her hands out to catch, while the little buddy took his
time to throw the ball.

We finished with two of our regular songs.
Ring around the rosie, a pocketful of posies,
husha, husha we all fall down.
Fishes in the ocean, fishes in the sea
We all jump up when we count to three.
And Icky Sticky Bubble Gum.
I see delight and trust being expressed in these pictures.

Thank you to Ms Smith for taking these wonderful photos.