Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fascinating Frogs

Another creature that we raise at this time of year
is the frog.
This year we've had great success with watching tadpoles
grow into frogs.
Back at the beginning of May we visited a new pond
where we found these tadpoles.
The children have been watching them closely waiting for back legs to appear.
It didn't seem to take as long this year. 
Not sure what was different but we now have several fully formed frogs.
And some that still have a bit of their tail left.
While we watched I set up a frog pond on the floor for the children to play in.
There is water in there as well as rocks, lily pads and frogs.
Even a tadpole and froglet could be found.
This child spent time lining all the frogs along the edge of the pond.
This one rescued all the frogs from the water.
Tomorrow the children will that I changed the pond.
Can you guess what song we might be singing?