Monday, November 28, 2016

A New Balance

A week or so ago I shared a post about the children playing with a small scale.
They showed quite an interest in balancing the animals on both sides of the scale
that I decided to offer another opportunity.
While thrift shopping I found this stand with the dowel that goes through.
But I thought my crafty husband could modify it to make 
a balance.
He screwed the dowel on to the front so it can pivot up and down.
He added two little nails to stop the dowel from
going to far down on either side.
He also cut notches at both ends of the dowel for the cans to rest.
I bought two cans from the dollar store
and set it out with our pom poms.
The cans do occasionally fall off but part of the process
is learning how to put both of them back on at the same time.
It takes team work.
These two boys challenged each other to see who could fill their can
up the fastest.
 Once full they quickly tried to empty their cans back into the tray.
It was fascinating to watch the older children work together with the balance.
Younger children enjoyed putting the pom poms into the can
and it appeared they did not really notice that the can was getting heavier.
And this child loved just the pom poms.
 He pulled my toadstool closer and started placing them on the circles.
I thought that was very clever and observant.