Thursday, June 19, 2014

Garden Mountain

One of our families invited us to help plant their garden.  About a month
ago we had a small group visit Vivian and Millie’s house.
Vivian had an interesting theory; each plant needs a certain depth for their roots so what if the garden was a hill, like a mountain, would everything grow?
 IMG_3610 IMG_3531
She had a plan drawn explaining where each seed would be planted according
to the space their root needed.
We started at the top of the mountain to plant popcorn.
What a great experience to dig into the soil and get our hands dirty pushing the seeds into the ground.  We also practiced sounds of letters to help us decide what each seed started with so we could print the name on a stick.
Can you guess the next seed?  It starts with a ‘k’ sound.
Vivian showed us how to sprinkle the carrot seeds from our fists.
Next was pumpkins that needed to be poked into the soil and covered.
Then we stretched a short fence around half of the mountain to plant peas.  The children measured the depth of the hole by using their finger and planted a seed in front of each fence peg.
Lastly we erected a bamboo teepee.  The children shovelled dirt around the poles to help secure it to the ground.
Around each pole they planted beans.  As the beans grow they will climb the pole.
We finished gardening by giving the mountain a good rainfall.

One month later
IMG_2241 IMG_2242
Pumpkin,                                                   beans,
IMG_2246 IMG_2248
peas                                                                    and carrots
                                           are all growing. 

Thanks Vivian and Millie for teaching us about seeds and growing a garden mountain.

We’ll be back in the fall to help harvest.